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Supply chain management

Supply chain management consists of strategic procurement, sourcing (respectively, operative procurement), and logistics. For this we developed our "Supply Chain Architecture" which holistically describes all areas of the supply chain in four hierarchical layers (guidance layer, process layer, support layer and structural layer, see picture below).

The process layer (see picture below) contains all main processes and puts them into their logical relation. It does not view the sub-processes in an isolated fashion, but rather considers them as closed loops which are continuously worked at. All processes condition and influence each other.

A. Strategic procurement. The goal is to provide the most suitable supplier base, the most appropriate client and the best applicable technology within the sub-processes requirements, classification, and strategy.

B. Sourcing. The main goal is the selection of the most appropriate supplier for a specific sourcing event. It includes planning, order, and escalation.

C. Logistics. It considers the disposition of the concrete part and the physical material flow, including storage and transport.

We also consider cross-sectional topics:

Working capital. An important optimization goal is the reduction of the working capital. We consider all relevant cost positions (incl. supply, reach, transport costs, storage, etc.)

IT. During the course of process optimization, there is often a demand for a modernization of the IT landscape. Here we can help you with topics such as defining requirements, creating use cases and implementing adapted business models.

Our services: Support of the supply chain management

General topics

  • Strategy (analysis, creation, implementation, documentation, etc.)
  • Processes (analysis, creation, implementation, documentation, etc.)
  • Organization (analysis, creation, implementation, documentation, etc.)
  • Program and project management
  • Interim management
  • Benchmarking, performance measurement systems, controlling and reporting
  • IT: Strategy, roadmap, requirements, selection
  • Etc.

A. Strategic Procurement

  • Procurement, supplier and material group strategy
  • Bundling and reduction of the supplier base
  • Creation of sourcing strategies
  • Optimization of the early integration of procurement
  • Etc.

B. Sourcing

  • Planning optimization
  • Transparency in procurement controlling
  • Escalation management
  • Etc.

C. Logistics

  • Request for proposals, evaluation, and selection of logistics providers
  • Optimization of forecasting and planning processes and models
  • Creation of sourcing systems (cross docking, inbound logistics, etc.) and of distribution networks with optimal storage and turnover structures)
  • Reduction of working capital (supply, reach, cycle times, collaboration with customers and suppliers, claims and debt management, etc.)
  • Etc.