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Project examples

Product development

In recent years we successfully delivered many project in the area of product development. These are some typical projects:

Topic Client Tasks Results
Reengineering development process Automotive manufacturer
  • Coordination of cross-functional teams on corporate level
  • Analysis of weaknesses in the current process
  • Development and alignment of improvement measures
  • Development process new structured
  • Interfaces and collaboration model optimized
  • Roadmap-based product planning and development established
Refocussing development project Medical company
  • Analysing the product development process (incl. processes, organization)
  • Performing market analysis for the currently developed product to challenge the release plan
  • Implementing improvement measures
  • Product launch planning aligned according to the actual market needs
  • Project planning improved and management tools successfully implemented
  • Project management optimized
Improvement interior development process Airplane manufacturer
  • Optimizing the organizational structures
  • Analysing the R&D process
  • Developing and implementing optimization measures for process and reporting
  • Realignment of organization according to skills
  • Substantial process improvements implemented
  • Project management optimized
Kick-start development project handset Telecom-munications provider
  • Setup of a development project (incl. organization, processes, timeline)
  • Pre-selection of design and development partners
  • Negotiation and alignment of the product specifications
  • development project successfully started
  • Design- and development partners selected and phased-in
  • Product specifications aligned and agreed upon

Supply chain management

Also in the area of supply chain management we successfully delivered several projects. These are some typical projects:

Topic Client Tasks Results
Setup software procurement after carve-out Telecom- munications equipment
  • Setting up of the team organization and developing business processes
  • Drastically reducing the supplier base
  • Managing a license audit
  • New functional organization established and processes aligned
  • Supplier base reduced by 50%
  • Supplier audit mastered and significant penalties avoided
Integration of procurement into internal process chain Power plant components
  • Analyzing internal processes and organization
  • Developing and implementing measures for improvements
  • Root causes of material issues identified within the plant organization
  • New organization and processes proposed on plant level
supply chain: manufacturer - European customers
  • Investigation and analysis of the as-is situation
  • Design and implementation of a Euro-logistics concept
  • Setup of a comprehensive European supply chain organization
  • Storage locations, transports, external suppliers and sales plans consolidated, orders bundled
  • European supply chain organization created and implemented
  • Storage, transport, inventory and planning costs reduzed up to 19%
Cost-optimized disposition of inventory and replenishment Traffic and transport
  • Quality improvements within disposition and supply processes
  • Optimization of inventory and replenishment disposition considering optimal material availability
  • Minimizing of inventory, process, and stock outage costs
  • As-is situation incl. all relevant costs investigated
  • Disposition tool adjusted, employees trained
  • Simulation carried out, cost reductions of up to 35% verified
Insurance availability prototype
Automotive manufacturer
  • Analysis of weaknesses in the prototype process
  • Development of improvement measures
  • Coaching of the internal project teams
  • Strengthened responsibility and role of the teams
  • Actual decision dates defined and documented
  • Required procurement documents detailed and aligned
Benchmarking „Procurement Performance Excellence 2012“ German and Swiss manufacturing companies
  • Planning of the benchmarking and finding of participants
  • Execution of the questionnaire
  • Analysis of the benchmarking data and creation of individual analysis per participant
  • Creation of a reliable database for comparable companies
  • Individual strengths and optimization potential identified for each participating company