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Product development

Our approach towards the product lifecycle follows the NPI approach (new product introduction) according to Robert G. Cooper. It spans from the early phase of product development to the start of production. It is applicable across all industries and is in accordance with our product-centric approach.

For product development, we consider both the product and the development project with all processes, milestones, structures, organizations, etc. Here we take special focus on the transition of phases and the resulting interfaces.

Definition. In the early phase, we support the creation of solid product specifications (requirements and feature specifications) and support the idea and innovation process. Especially for young, technology-driven companies (start-ups) a consistent version management is important in order to approach the market long-term with innovations. Therefore, we create a product roadmap for a timely staggered product portfolio based on resilient market analysis, detailed technology evaluations and the actual availability of resources.

Detailing. In the course of the development, we help you with program and project management or the application of resources. In case of problems in the project, we offer a short analysis to quickly improve your capabilities (high spot review). In case of more serious issues, we investigate the entire project according to weaknesses and implement substantial improvements (project QA).

Interfaces. Our experts ensure the early integration of the procurement function and accompany you at the transition from development to production. This includes an efficient supply chain management. Herewith, sustainable product quality is ensured according to the predefined specifications.

IT. During the course of process optimization, there is often a demand for a modernization of the IT landscape (e.g. PDM). Here we can help you with topics such as defining requirements, creating use cases and implementing adapted business models.

Our services: Support of the product development process

General topics

  • Strategy (analysis, creation, implementation, documentation, etc.)
  • Processes (analysis, creation, implementation, documentation, etc.)
  • Organization (analysis, creation, implementation, documentation, etc.)
  • Program and project management
  • Interim management
  • Benchmarking, performance measurement systems, controlling and reporting
  • IT: Strategy, roadmap, requirements, selection
  • Etc.

Specific topics

  • Product roadmap (analysis-based: market, specifications, ressources, etc.)
  • Product definition (market analysis, requirements and feature specifications, etc.)
  • Moderation of the idea and innovation process
  • Project initiation (project summary, organization, timeline, milestones)
  • High spot review (short analysis of issues within a development project)
  • Project QA (in-depth analysis and optimization of development project)
  • Etc.